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JunE 30


3:30-5:30 PM

For the release of his new album « Solar Plexus », Ilhan Ersahin will perform with his companions David Harrington and Kelly Wollesen on the Canadian stage. Be ready for the new breath of Jazz to blow your mind with his international project “Istanbul Sessions”. 


Ersahin plunged himself into jazz culture for his first ten years in the states, playing mostly straight ahead standards and perfecting his form. He released a couple of records on a small label out of San Francisco, but in the mid-90s found himself drawn to bands like Massive Attack and Portishead whose hybrid approach spoke to his own musical upbringing—one that included jazz, but also dub, reggae, rock, and other more diverse elements. In 1998 he formed Wax Poetic, a project that incorporated spoken word, a DJ, and electronic elements, which built on Ersahin’s jazz instincts and included a young Norah Jones on vocals. This marked the beginning of a new era for Ersahin—one that would find him on the forward cusp of new-century jazz, blending an eclectic mix of ingredients to create a bold new sound.

“What I’m doing now is a manifestation of what my life has been. It’s not like I consciously invented a certain style. It’s just a reflection of what I’ve always done music-wise and creatively.”


Dave Harrington is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and one half of the electronic music duo Darkside, along with Nicolas Jaar. In a July 28, 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Harrington mentions that he “grew up in a house where jazz was the musical language.” Harrington started out as a jazz bassist, taking lessons at the Harlem School of the Arts from Kelvin Bell of Eighties downtown favorites Defunkt and former Ornette Coleman and Marc Ribot sideman Brad Jones. Harrington notes that his guitar playing is inspired by jazz musicians such as Bill Frisell, David Torn, John Zorn, and Jerry Garcia,[7] as well as bands such as King Crimson.


Kenny Wollesen (born 1966) is an American drummer and percussionist. Wollesen has recorded and toured with Tom Waits, Sean Lennon, Ron Sexsmith, Bill Frisell, Norah Jones, John Lurie, Myra Melford, Steven Bernstein, and John Zorn. He is a founding member of the New Klezmer Trio and a member of the Sex Mob and Himalayas groups.

Ilhan Ersahin

Ilhan Ersahin

Dave Harringtone

Dave Harringtone

Kenny Wollesen

Kenny Wollesen



JunE 30

8:45-9:45 PM

Raashan Ahmad + THE BAND

Tony Ozier - keys

Dennis Dove - drums

Andre Zapata - bass

Agyei Marshall - guitar

Kyle Molitor - trombone

Arietta Ward - vocals


Raashan Ahmad was born in Trenton, a small industrial town in New Jersey, southern New York. Among his first memories, he remembers his father programming and playing various mixtapes that a friend from New Jersey sent him, in addition to complete albums.
He was then an announcer / driver for jazz, funk'N'soul stars, presenting artists as famous as Marvin Gaye, Maze with Frankie Beverly, Miles, Anita Baker to name but a few.

From this memory, Raashan Ahmad will lay the first foundations of his musical career and his very chosen tastes in music (and also the beginning of a huge collection of records!).

Let's accelerate a little to find ourselves in 2004, year during which Raashan founded Crown City Rockers which will leave an indelible trace on the west-coast scene and it is thus that Raashan
started his first tours in Europe.
In 2008 and 2010, Raashan Ahmad released his first two solo albums, containing high-flying featurings, like Aloe Blacc, thus ensuring a warm welcome on European stages and becoming an essential part of US hip hop live, especially in France but around the world.

Raashan spent the last two years on tour.

During his travels, Raashan made decisive encounters with producers in France, Poland and Australia, who opened new musical horizons for him, notably with the help of experienced musicians.

Raashan thus created a versatile hip hop, mixing both the golden age of hip hop and the new generation of beatmakers of the decade, with a particular attachment to live music.

With this new album, he once again demonstrates his dexterity and creates the soundtrack of his many travels around the world.

On this "Ceremony"; we find the
participations to the production of 20Syl from C2C (on No, No, No and Mariposita), Ta-kuand Mr. Ta-ku.

President. Among the guests at the microphone is also Stones 
Homeboy Sandman but also Geoffrey Oryema, Rita J and Ty.



Raashan Ahmad

JunE 30








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